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Reservation and Retrieval

I. Book reservation policy in Keelung
Users with valid library card we have approved (e.g., a library card from libraries in Keelung, Taipei Library Pass and Learning Card) may reserve our books available for reservation. However, a reservation is not allowed if any of the following applies, to manage loan and circulation of books effectively:

1. The library card is invalid or without our approval.
2. The user has been suspended.
3. Users aged below 12 years old cannot reserve books in the open-stack reading room. The ones aged below 18 years old cannot reserve R-rated books.
4. The number of books on reserve has reached the maximum number (six books for a personal library card and 20 books for a family library card).
5. The number of people on the reservation list has reached the maximum (up to ten users).
6. Journals, audio-visual item, electronic item, books for in-library use only and books that cannot be circulated (to be withdrawn or discarded) are not available for reservation.
7. If the user reserves for the book that is still in the library, the library for pick up cannot be the same as the one that has this book.
8. The user must not reserve for the same book. (He must cancel the reservation before making a new reservation.)

II. Interlibrary loan in Keelung
We will deliver books reserved by users to the library specified by the users. It takes about 10 to 15 work days. We will notify the user when the book has arrived by email. The user must pick books up before the due date to avoid suspension due to violations. Users must pay attention to the following:

1. After the reserved book has arrived, it will be kept for seven days; otherwise it is considered a violation.
2. One violation point is recorded for one book overdue. The reservation right is suspended for 30 days if the user has three violation points and 60 days for six violation points and so on.
3. If attachment or large books cannot be picked up at ibookstop or self-checkout machine due to the size limit of the book or attachment, we may change the library specified by the user or cancel the reservation.
4. The opening hours for each library vary. Please refer to online instructions.
5. The user must bring the library card he used for reservation.
6. Users may change or cancel the reservation before the books reserved are delivered. A change or cancellation cannot be made once the book is delivered.
7. The books not picked up in time will be sent back to the original library or the library specified by the next user.
8. The library does not provide interlibrary loan service across counties or cities.
9. Please pay attention to the number of books allowed for check out before picking up the book; otherwise you might be cited for a violation for not picking up books before the due date.

III. Public library regional resource center
Service instructions:
The implementation of the “public library book resource sharing service platform” integrated service applications, collection resources, circulation and management in all resource centers and public libraries in all counties and cities. It expects to provide convenient, transparent services.
Clientele: All users with our library card may apply for checking out the collections in the system.
Loan policy (for books): Each library card can check out ten books. Each book can be checked out for 30 days without renewal. Each library card can reserve up to 5 books.
Loan policy (for e-books): Each library card can check out ten books. Each book can be checked out for 14 days. The book can be renewed once for 14 days. Each library card can reserve up to 10 books.

IV. Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)
Service instructions:
Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) is an interlibrary cooperation service system for users to copy the documents in libraries nationwide and loan books from other libraries. It aims to ensure circulation of journal and books between libraries and achieve resource sharing.
Application method:
First-time users must apply for an account on the website of the library they wish to visit. Each user may only apply for one account. If the unit in charge of account management has been changed, the user must contact the former unit to delete the account before selecting a new unit to sign up for the account.
Service instructions:
Users can look up the information of collection in each library in the union catalog before submitting the application. Users can also submit the application directly if they know the unit in charge of the collection. The application is available in copy and loan (depending on the policy for each library). Applications must be reviewed by the librarians of the library the applicants wish to visit before submission. The charging standards and loan policies vary by each library. It is suggested to look up the union catalog and check the list of service charges for all libraries. The user should choose the library he prefers before submitting the application.