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Service for Elders

Publish Date:2020-11-03

To adapt to diverse information needs of elders, the “elder resource section” has been set up on the second floor of the library in July 2009. Besides the books and audio-visual items for elders, support equipment are also available. In this section, 1,500 books in regular and large prints, 400 audio books and 100 videos in the following fields are available, including literature, medicine healthcare, housekeeping and gardening, national and world history and geography and arts and leisure. Two video magnifiers with 22-inch monitor, six computers, six magnifier lamps, two portable stereos, reading glasses, magnifiers and sphygmomanometers are available. Priority seats for the elderly have been set up in the journal section, book search section and audio-visual section.


I. Computer (six): Use our library card to go to the counter and sign up to use the computer. Each user may use the computer for one hour each session.
II. Video magnifier (two): It is equipped with a 22-inch monitor. The angle of the monitor can be adjusted to adapt to different needs for the convenience of older users.
III. Desktop magnifying lamp (six sets): A magnifier is attached to the front shroud of the lamp. The arm can be rotated and adjusted to adapt to reading requirements.
IV. Magnifier and reading glasses: Use our library card or your ID to borrow the magnifier or reading glasses.


Books in healthcare, music, arts, tea ceremony, floral design, leisure travel, drama and dance are available. Prose, novels and Chinese chivalric novels (large print) are also provided.

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