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Service for Immigrants

Publish Date:2020-11-03

Welcome to the “Diverse Culture and Local Language Section!”

This section offers books in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and Filipino, local languages and other foreign languages. It also provides translated novels, prose, recipes, and books on home life and greenification for better mind and body.
Want to know more?
Check out the “Diverse Culture Section” and explore the books on diverse cultures!


A total of 28 seats are available. Two computers are available for collection search. A total of 30 bookshelves contain 2,427 books.


Books in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino and Taiwanese are available.

  • (I) Books in Southeast Asian languages: Books in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and Filipino are available.
  • (II) Local language section: Books in Taiwanese, Hakka and Taiwanese indigenous languages are available.
  • (III) Books in foreign languages: A total of 1,137 books in English are available.

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